Why install a Schenker watermaker?

Traditionally a yacht is restricted in time & distance to the amount of fresh water carried in its tanks. Thanks to a watermaker an unlimited quantity of water can be produced increasing both time and distances achievable between harbours. The comfort of unlimited showers and freshwater improves life onboard. Racing crews don't need to carry volumes of water that may affect performance.

What are the new generation Schenker watermakers?

They are watermakers based on a new functioning principle that removes the need for high pressure pumps, which were used traditionally.

What are the advantages?

The consumed energy is up to 80% lower than a traditional system. A Schenker watermaker can be powered directly from the vessel's service batteries. A Schenker watermaker, is easy to use. It does not require adjustments, is totally silent and vibration-free.

Is the new technology reliable?

The technology is more reliable than that of traditional watermakers as it doesn't use high pressure pumps, which are the main cause of failures and maintenance problems. Schenker Watermakers all carry a 3-year guarantee.

How much fresh water do I need?

It depends on the number of persons aboard. The daily average consumption of fresh water per person is about 25-30 liters. It means that a boat with 6 people needs about 180 litres of fresh water per day. The most useful system in that case is the 60 l/h one, which is able to satisfy that need working 3 hours a day.

Is the installation difficult? Do I need a new seawater intake?

To install a Schenker watermaker is easy because the seawater intake is Tee'd from an existing outlet. It can be installed when the boat is in the water. The installation can be carried out by a shipyard or by a Schenker Assistance Centre. Its average cost is about 800-1000 Euro. You can also install it yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operation and maintenance manual.

Can the system be run when the motor is off and how long can it work before the service batteries are discharged?

Yes it can. It all depends on the capacity of the service batteries. Assuming that the service batteries capacity is 300 Ah and a Schenker 60 l / h system consumes 20 Ah at 12 volt, the calculation is 300 / 20 = 15 hours. In reality the watermaker wont be used for this length of time.

How long will the engine need to be run to replace the consumed energy?

Assuming that a 60litre watermaker system works 3 hours a day, the consumed energy is 20 Ahx3h = 60A. With a 80A alternator, the consumed energy is recharged in 45 minutes by the engine.

Is it advantageous to install a watermaker powered from the services batteries if a generator is fitted to the boat?

Even with a generator fitted to the boat, the new generation Schenker watermaker gives working flexibility. Why run the generator just to power a watermaker?

What is the quality of the fresh water produced?

A Schenker watermaker produces very high quality fresh water. The average residual salt is about 300 parts per million, similar to a good quality bottled mineral water.

Is maintenance difficult?

Maintenance is very easy. Watermakers like to be used regularly. If left standing for 10 to 15 days they will need flushing through. This operation can be performed automatically with electronic control or manually. During long standstills it will be necessary to flush the watermaker with biocide to avoid growth forming in the membrane.

Are there additional running costs?

The only consumable that must be replaced periodically (on average 1 or 2 times in a season) is the pre filter cartridge, which is inexpensive. The reverse osmosis membrane is expensive to replace but has an average life of 6-7 years if the maintenance manual instructions are carefully followed.

Are Schenker watermakers more expensive than traditional systems?

The Schenker watermaker price is, on average, less than a traditional system and is certainly a lot cheaper to run.

Service Worldwide?

A list of Schenker Service points is continuously updated on the web-site www.schenker.it. A service telephone number is also available to give assistance. Spare parts can be sent directly to your boat.

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